How do I care for my product?

We craft our products to last a lifetime and hope you will love them just as long so to keep it looking its best we advise after each use that you wipe the inside with a damp cloth dry well. The copper lining will develop a natural patina over time but if you want to polish it thoroughly it can be removed. Its a tight fit but it can slide out. The leather is treated with a traditional mixture of bees wax and neats foot oil so is relatively water resistant but should never be fully submerged. Spills should be generally wiped off gently with some kitchen towel.

Does my gift box have to have a personal message on it?

Not at all, if no message is specified in the notes on the order then your item will be sent in a Mortuus Bestia branded gift box. 

I want to place an order but I need it urgently, is this possible?

Our normal time to dispatch is 3-5 working days via Royal Mail 1st class for UK orders and their international parcel service which quotes a further (non-guaranteed) 3-5 days to arrive. If however you require it on a faster timescale we will endeavour to fulfill this if possible. Feel free to send us an email before purchasing to discuss and we will get back to you as soon as possible.