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Freemason Leather Tankard - Personalised Masonic Emblem Mug

Freemason Leather Tankard - Personalised Masonic Emblem Mug

Embrace the grandeur of Masonic tradition with our full grain leather mug, available in an extensive array of colors, including the distinguished 'Olde Brown' showcased in our product imagery.


Passionately handcrafted in England, our artisans use thick cowhide encasing a hammered copper lining, ensuring both durability and style. The fine hand stitching and the unique braided leather base add an extra layer of elegance to this exquisite piece.


The mug's true essence lies in its classic Masonic embossing. On each side, the iconic eye of providence, the square and compass, and the revered pillars Boaz and Jachin are skillfully rendered, surrounded by the timeless Masonic virtues of Integrity, Friendship, Respect, and Charity.


Personalize this masterpiece with your choice of text, making it a thoughtful gift or a treasured addition to your collection.


Each tankard is presented in a custom-engraved gift box, tailored with your message, making it an ideal gift for esteemed lodge members, for special Masonic events, or as a keepsake for yourself.


As every mug is individually handcrafted and dyed, it will have its own unique variation in color and leather grain. The featured Olde Brown variant in our image brings a sense of tradition and authenticity, resonating with the rich history of Masonic lore.


This versatile mug is perfect for enjoying a range of beverages, from chilled ales to warm mulled wines, adding a touch of solemnity and tradition to your drinking experience.


For any queries or specific requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to crafting a piece that meets your expectations.


Thank you for considering our Masonic-themed leather mugs for your esteemed gatherings or personal use.



Yours faithfully,


Mortuus Bestia


    Custom Embossed Leather Tankard - Stein - Mug - Hammered Copper - 22 oz - 1 UK pint 


    A craftsman lives by the quality of their work and their word.

    As we have confidence in both, if your item is faulty or not as described, simply contact us before sending it to the supplied return address and we will provide a replacement or full refund.


    Tankards are ready to ship within 3-5 working days.

    All orders are dispatched via tracked parcel service.

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