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The Story of Mortuus Bestia

Hand crafted. Liberty minded. Unashamedly leather.

Designed and made in England.

A first attempt to create an historical leather bottle as a gift for a family member sparked over a decade of passion for hand crafted leather and set Mortuus Bestia on the path to create what we firmly believe to be the finest leather tankards in the world.

Commemorative, decorative, and of course fully functional, our tankards combine leather with hammered copper, two materials whose use as vessels reaches as far back as the link between drink and celebration itself.

The root of so many celebrations is family and that is truly what forms the heart of Mortuus Bestia. A husband and wife team, we have the pleasure of working from our cosy home workshop overlooking the fields of Bourne, Lincolnshire which allows us to enjoy more time with our two wonderful children.

We take great pride in our craft and every piece we create and will always strive to improve. Follow us on social media for updates on new designs and special offers.

Thank you for your interest in our work.

Yours faithfully

Mortuus Bestia


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